office interior design in Ghent

Het Kantoor van Morgen is an architectural firm specialized in office interior design. We aim to create efficient and flexible office environments where it’s a pleasure to both work and live. Warm materials, an open atmosphere, and an elegant design elevate the surroundings to become inspirational and functional.

Our team of interior architects and designers stand ready to help you transform your fresh ideas into tangible designs.

Contemporary office interior design

Het Kantoor van Morgen has a contemporary take on what interior office design should be. We accommodate the workplace to the activity that is being performed. We listen to the needs of you and your employees and implement opportunities and out-of-the-box solutions. Functionality, open atmosphere and ergonomics take center stage in our designs.



We create office environments where it's nice to work


An open atmosphere where social interplay comes naturally

We make it our priority to use all of the available space functionally. We do more with less. It would be a shame to lose a large amount of space just for circulation. So, forget those stretched out hallways and let us redraw your working environment into something stirring.

Say goodbye to that stiff office environment and go for a modern office space where well-being, pleasure, and freedom are not frowned upon. A coffee corner to talk shop, a game room to blow off some steam, and a lunch area to load up on vitamins -- these are simple, yet effective ways to establish an open working atmosphere where social interplay comes naturally.

We present our designs in a variety of ways: 2D plans to get a good overview, 3D renders to get a vivid representation of how your office space will look and technical compositions to make sure everything is connected.


We create office environments where it's nice to live


OUR office designs …

Stimulate interplay and interaction
Amp up the possibilities of teamwork
Lets you welcome clients in an inviting and open environment
Create more working space on the same parcel
Lose less space to circulation
Lets your employees feel at home

We stand by you -- all of the way -- from conference to completion. We are seasoned professionals that help you decide and make difficult choices. So…